Bob Drives Digital MarketingResults

Revenues generated
$200MM in new revenues generated for leading companies with digital marketing tactics
leads generated
100K+ net new leads generated with Demand Generation strategy & execution for leading B2B SaaS companies
Digital marketers trained
100K+ professionals trained in Digital Marketing by way of corporate on-site training or virtual training

Areas of expertise

Digital center of excellence
Digital Strategy & Execution
Bob is a strategic as well as hands-on digital marketer that guarantees you results. Outcomes based digital marketing approach allows him to match tactics to outcomes - whether be it through Search Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing or conversion optimization.
Digital center of excellence
Digital center of excellence
A Digital COE can help companies to cut costs, increase marketing ROI and help employee retention while creating internal process & knowledge base. Bob has helped many companies built COE and so has a ready playbook on how to hit the ground running and create COE from the ground up.
Digital center of excellence
Digital team outsourcing
If you are short on marketing resources or expertise, then we can bring our team and make it your extended marketing team. The end result will be more an be done in a shorter period of time helping you achieve your business goals at a much faster pace.
Digital center of excellence
Digital Marketing Training
Bob has trained 25K+ professionals in all areas of digital marketing. Using a combination of on-site and online training with custom training curriculum, Bob can help create the next generation of marketing experts at your company.

For success

Paid Search (PPC),
Social Media
Display Ads


Social ROI
Content Marketing

SEO, Social ROI Content Marketing
Digital tools, Web/Mobile platform, UX, Server/Cloud Tech


has Helped
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Instant Content Marketing Success Book


Content Marketing is the cornerstone of a successful digital marketing strategy. Content marketing is a key marketing tactic that enables companies to connect, convert, and retain customers and is a key driver of search and social media success.

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Marketing, just like life,
is all about sharing your passion!

Bob lives and breathes Digital Marketing and is a connector and relentless networker. Let’s connect and see where it goes!