About Bob

I was fortunate enough that I started my career right around the time the internet boom (and eventual bust) was taking off and e-commerce (Amazon, Pets.com, etc) was just taking off. Being at the right place at the right place, I picked up digital marketing skills early on – we called it online marketing or e-business marketing those days. Around that time, the dominant companies in paid search marketing was Yahoo! Overture while new startups like Google were beta testing their Adwords marketing platform. So yes, I was one of those early adopters! Along with PPC, I became proficient in other marketing tactics like SEO, email marketing, Banner ads, and Affiliate marketing. Fast forward to today where we have a plethora of digital marketing tactics including Content marketing, social and others but my objective is still the same – how to best leverage digital marketing channels to help companies build their digital businesses through customer acquisition!

My Journey…

Growing up in Mumbai (Bombay then), India at 14 I aspired to be a marketer not knowing the difference between Marketing, advertising or sales. My sense of adventure and quest for learning brought me to the land of marketing and to Eckerd College, a liberal arts college along the coast of Gulf of Mexico where I majored in International Business and Marketing. As it goes, I have been “living the dream” ever since.

My first job right out of college was at a traditional computer training school where I worked as a Marketing Coordinator. In hindsight, that turned out to be the best job I could ever have as in the evenings and on the weekends I attended classes and learned computer programming. Looking back, that allowed me to become a holistic marketer as I was able to move swiftly from IT Dev geek talk to marketing speak. This unique combination of being a digital marketer along with technical prowess has helped me tremendously allowing me to navigate smoothly between different Marketing and IT functions and essentially acting as a conduit to get things done!

Along the way, I have perfected my marketing skills in both B2C and B2B industry helping SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, Asure software and many others to achieve massive growth through my digital marketing skills and thought leadership. I am a self-starter entrepreneur and my passion for marketing led me to start Instant E-Training, an online education company hyper focused on Digital Marketing education.

I love building marketing infrastructure that aligns companies for long-term success and as a result I thrive in fast paced environments. I am obsessed with customer acquisition and a strong believer in “purpose of a business is to create a customer” that has driven me to marry the science of data driven marketing with the art of creating beautiful customer experiences to execute innovative customer acquisition strategies.

With 15+ years of deep domain expertise across Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and Analytics function I take great pride in doing what I have always wanted to do since I was 14. I do not work in marketing, I LIVE and BREATHE Digital Marketing.

Over the years, I have also co-authored a book, spoken at numerous conferences, written tens of articles, given interviews, created digital training workshops and spoken at hundreds of webinars. I am a relentless networker and a connector-so

lets connect and talk shop!

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